Founded in 1987 by three European designers, Kipling combines quality, function and style to create the ideal accessory that enables you to express your true self, discover the unknown, power your curiosity, experience new places and live a lighter life. Designing bags that are lightweight, stylish, and above all, functional, is our forte.

Kipling established itself as a global handbag brand by embodying a carefree spirit and pioneering the use of its signature crinkle nylon in expressive colors and patterns. Today, Kipling is sold in more than 80 countries internationally, and is a global leader in selling quality, durable bags designed for everyone.

Kipling is committed to lightening our step on the planet to better care for the Earth by reimagining designs, rethinking material, repurposing energy, and reconnecting to people and the planet. When creating our products, we favor timeless designs and uncompromising quality. All our bag linings also contain recycled content from plastic bottles.

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