Founded in San Bonifacio, Italy in 1970, Tony Perotti is an Italian family business. From the very beginning, Tony Perotti’s designs have been modern and sustainable, created with durability in mind, and crafted exclusively from Italian tanned leather of the highest quality.

We believe that environmental integrity is essential to product excellence. Our leather is treated using the artisan tradition of vegetable tanning, which keeps our products chrome and toxin-free. We work closely with the tanneries of Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana, a consortium known for its centuries’ old methods of tanning.

The hides are tanned with natural tannins extracted from oak, birch, pine bark, and chestnut wood. The colours are derived from plants and flowers using a process that remains a well-kept secret. We at Tony Perotti are confident in the high quality of our leather products, vegetable tanned, coloured by nature, and made to last with a minimal environmental impact.

Sometimes, beauty comes with age. Our high-quality leather products have been designed to last, retaining their soft, subtle charm without losing their original durability. Such natural, quality leather requires responsible care. Each product is designed with Swiss lock systems and the highest quality zippers and stitching. All locks and handles are replaceable. Our leather products are designed to go where you go, acquiring beauty each step of the way.

We at Tony Perotti are proud to offer quality products from our full-grain leather collections.

From wallets and purses to laptop cases, each item has been designed with you in mind.
For the jet-setting traveller to the experienced business professional, our unique leather carriers feature padded, double IT-interiors for both your laptop and tablet. Strong, refined, and made to last, Tony Perotti leather products are designed to go where you go.

Our hides derive from Western European livestock, which have been treated according to European laws and regulations. Each collection is made of vegetable tanned leather, a process which gives the finished product a soft, natural, and luxurious feel without compromising strength and firmness.

The collections vary based upon the method of colouring, as well as the structure and characteristics of the leather.

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