The bark of an olive tree always appears wrinkled, full of knots, hard to the touch and almost hostile: but it is precisely that apparent weakness that hides a thousand-year-old force, well rooted in the ground, faithful to its way of growing, symbol of life, stories narrated from century to century.
The olive tree, which hugs and bows to the wind letting itself be caressed but not broken, always resists: with an almost human tenacity, it always remains there, firm on its roots.

With this symbol, Ugo Severino raised his children. And with this message, in 1979, he founded the company that the family inherited: the Kuoio. And just as the olive tree resists and grows undaunted, so the company has earned its place in the landscape of fine leather goods: through a meticulous care of every detail, the creative and skilled hands of the father, and the children thereafter, have followed every detail, every seam and every shade, of each product.

Today the Severino brothers work with the same passion as their father, embracing the message of tradition and the quality of innovation; united, day after day, under the same tree, with the same roots.

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