JanSport® is one of the most hyped backpackbrands of the decade. Massively present in social media and various movies and televisionshows – Spiderman, Stranger Things, Love Victor etc.

JanSport® was invented in 1967 by 3 outdoor enthusiast friends in Seattle, Washington – Skip, Murray, and John.

Murray, who was an engineer, won an award from the Alcoa Company because he created the first adjustable aluminum frame for backpacks. Murray told his girlfriend Jan, who was a seamstress, to create a backpack pattern for his new backpack with aluminum frame. He told her that if JanSport® became a success, he would name the company after her. Since 1967, JanSport® went from hiking outdoor bags to backpacks used most for school.

Today they got a huge focus on sustainability by using recycled polyester in 8 of their bags.

The mission for JanSport® is to make a bag, which is strong, practical, and functional, which they succeeded to do!

Explore the amazing world of JanSport®: Jansport.eu