Kessler’s story starts in 1923, when Otto Kessler opened his own factory in Wetzlar, Germany. What started as one passionate glovemaker working alone has now turned into an international brand: the Otto Kessler glove collection is successfully sold in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

Today’s requirements for gloves, naturally, aren’t the same as they were a hundred years ago. Over time, Kessler has adapted to account for this, however one thing remains unchanged: product first. This is their philosophy. For generations, it has guided Kessler in creating high-quality leather gloves that combine function with fashion.

Even today, the production of the gloves is mainly executed by hand. Individual hides are selected by expert staff and prepared for cutting. After this, the hide goes through several work stages and in the hands of skilled artisans to become a glove.

The very finest gloves are cut to size by hand using the traditional technique of table cutting, which is only mastered by very few craftsmen. This technique ensures a perfect fit and an elegant look, staple traits of the Kessler brand.

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