Much like the day that sparked the foundations of Spiral; we figured you’d be bored reading the same, generic About Us as you’ll see on a million different web pages. With that, we wanted to give you something different. A truly personal account of how Spiral came to be…

Whether city-slicker, festival fanatic or school attendee, we live in a 24/7 world where fashion reigns supreme. A short, overcast train journey from the now Spiral HQ in Watford to central London in early 2013 caught the eye and imagination of a very small group of young, fashion minded guys. A 30+ carriage of people varying in ages and backgrounds were each sharing this commute, and two things immediately stood out. Firstly, almost all were passengers carrying a form of luggage and draping even more over their arms, seats and shelves (anyone who’s made a rush hour London commute will know what we mean…); and secondly, a distinct lack of colour, on an already dreary weathered London day!

In a world so openly consumed with style and practicality, it had seemed that we had exhausted all style options – this, we thought, had to change…
Discussion quickly turned to excited impulse. Talk of a backpack that met very simple criteria; quality construction, widely affordable and above all else reintroduced unique design moved in days from WhatsApp-led discussion, to moodboards, sampling and prototypes and … fast forward to November 2013, the very first, 10 bag Spiral backpack range.

Spiral can now be found retailing in over 20 countries, across multiple continents and in some of the world’s leading stores. However, our principles remain the exact same – it is our commitment via Spiral to continue to provide high quality, striking backpacks that resonate with people from all walks of life.

Know that when reaching out to Spiral (whether by website, social media, e-mail or otherwise) you are speaking to a real person from our small Spiral team, who will always endeavour to put the customer first. Equally, when wearing a Spiral backpack, know just how happy that makes us, that a few young guys from Watford can see their bags all over the world.

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